Credit to buy more

Problem Statement

"I survive on the daily profit. I need credit to buy more goods and make bigger profit to care for my family." - Iya Yetunde, retailer in Erejuwa, Bucknor, Lagos Island.

Retailers can only access 30% of their credit needs.


we aim to solve the distribution problems ignored by others.

SETA CREDIT provides more credit to retailers to buy more from distributors.

How it Works

Market Opportunity

  • Total Available Market


Total credit needed by 1.2 million retailers in Nigeria.

  • Serviceable Available Market.


Credit needs of 360,000 retailers who have sales records with distributors.

  • Serviceable Obtainable Market


Credit we plan to disburse to 180,000 retailers in 3 years.

Competitive Landscape


Lending Partners

Credit Scoring System

based on sales history


of FCMG distributors and retailers.

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